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MO2 Festival of Flames Results

MaDeuceMaDeuce Member UncommonPosts: 145

MO2 Community Tournament Results ALWAYS OPEN TO PUBLIC great job friends!

[AC] Suttner SpOnSoReD bY RaZeR: First of all I want to thank you all for coming! Participants and Spectators alike!

The hired security forces did a great job protecting the event! Thank you KotO and VII !!!

We were pretty much constantly under siege, but the enemies just splashed against your ranks like waves against the cliffs.

Of course I have to thank my own guild Acolytes and our allies as well with the help in organizing this event. Special thanks go to u/SgtDoughnut, our cook @[AC] FaithEmber (for preparing stacks and stacks of health/stamina food in advance... overkill) and Putzin

I also want to thank RBT who we've partnered with to manage all bets and gambling. Especially @[RBT] Ibarruri II "the prudent" for being there in person and also sweetening the pot with a healthy amount of rubens!

The next one will be even better! This was our first time cooperating and I think a great start for more exciting projects and events in the future!

Talking about sweetening the pot: I also very much appreciate your contributions u/Peaceleaf (all the potions handed out during the fight, including the 77hp one for Wicked were made by him!) and we also had some anonymous donations! It really helped a lot!

This event was recorded in history thanks to:



u/SPVC3GHZ7ST (Rustoff)

u/ATC Forgiven


(hope i didn't forget anyone :/ PM me, if i did!!!)

Check them out if you have time

As you can see this really was a team effort.

Wouldn't have been possible without y'all!

Hope to see you again on the next Festival on the 21st of August!

[4:17 PM] [AC] Suttner SpOnSoReD bY RaZeR: The winners are:

Shield bash competition:

1st @[AC] ShieldBashChampion , the official ShieldBash Champion until the next festival! (sry @[FISH] Evelyn the Fallen, gotta give that title up now)

50 gold + 50 Rubens + A GOLD shield

2nd @[FISH] Ruler of Fish 👑 Silver shield

3rd @[REQ] Shinnull Cuprum shield

1v1 melee:

Wicked from Legion!!!

50 Rubens + 50 Gold Coins + A potion healing 77hp

+ CRONITE (enough for a weapon of choice)


Legion (again! )

40 Rubens each + Gems needed for the armour books (enough for a few books)


1st @[FISH][REQ] The FlameBearer, the official FlameBearer until the next race!

100 Gold coins + 50 Rubens + MAX level horse (PM me tomorrow for the horse, sry )

2nd @[AC] FaithEmber 25 Gold

3rd @[AC] ShieldBashChampion 15 Gold

4th u/GutscranK

5th @[REQ] Shinnull

Team fight:

Legion (once more )

5000 steel + 100 Rubens + Gems needed for the armour books (enough for many books)

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