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[NA] IRONFIST Gaming - pvp/pve - Faction: Covenant

toljartoljar Member UncommonPosts: 201
edited June 2021 in New World
I won't waste your time trying to sell you on history you don't care about, here are the facts:

1) We are an adult community, we believe everyone needs a work/life balance and video games should not come first.
2) We have been around since 2003 (you can google it if you really want)
3) We will be doing PvP and PvE in New World
4) We use Discord for Voice communication and Chat based stuff
5) We have a new website used to post guides, events and other guild information, you can Click Here to check it out (signing up is encouraged though not required).
6) We will have scheduled raid/pvp and events for members to partake in. 

Want to join? Go to the website, click on the discord link, then follow the instruction in the Welcome channel, after that say "hi"

Feel free to also ask questions (this includes the history you don't care about)!

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