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SBS misses yet another date and has gone silent

Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 16,536
Yup, in a shock to almost nobody but a few hardcore Reddit fans/mods, May has come and gone without the promised KoE test client being made available.  Even though this was previously delayed AND massively cut in features just a few weeks ago, Caspien still could not get it out.

Even worse is that he missed yet another date and didn’t say anything.  He hasn’t posted in weeks.   I think the last update on the client was this one on Kickstarter:

Soulbound StudiosCreator21 days ago

Our first test is going live later this month, Meli. We're still on track

Maybe the same folks will give him yet another pass for missing yet another release, but what’s the excuse for not posting and explaining the continued ineptitude. Maybe he should spend less time posting bullshit “diaries” about how wonderful the AI of his chickens will be...

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