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Magic Legends : Mars_OMG Journal

Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,596
edited May 25 in Magic: Legends
I'm settling in and finding that my first few play throughs where kind of wrong in how I was attacking leveling. Was following the story for the most part and not fully visualizing the scope of the game in terms of rewards, gear and deck building.

When I reached lvl 24 I tried to tick up the difficulty of the instance only to be perplexed at how under geared I was. I thought it was a decent roll but upon further inspection I seem to be missing some ++ for actually finishing a region per regional point system.

Some of my other blunders were not fully understanding the itemization and upgrading of equipment. I was wildly clicking at things that ultimately had no baring on my characters overall output of mitigation.

The biggest thing is i'm yawning while playing the game. For most people that would mean being bored, but for me it is a kind of reflex reaction to games I know I will be spending a lot time in. Other yawn worthy titles include Lord of the Rings which I played for over a decade, Age of Conan, Rift and the first yawn expercience Lineage 2. 

I will have to say so far with what little I've done, im completely impressed with Cryptic's ability to intertwine a story that is easy to follow even if you click through it. There's different vibes given as the story progresses but have a keen feeling that a plot twist will happen at some point. I am pretty firm on stating, this is Crypics best game they've ever made. Sound design including music is AAA quality. Content wise, what is setting this game apart from other ARPG's is grouping, players in zones running around together and true 3d game world. I'm not sure how many ARPG's have pure 3D worlds but this is the first one I've played with true 360 turning of the camera.

There's a few things I will hit on as I progress and felt making one thread would be easist to share them :) 

- abandoning social media could possibly save the world.  


  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,596
    edited May 27
    One thing I noticed in tonight's session is that the map is color coded in how rewards for per map level. So the items you can get in leveling regions will determine in away what region one would want to grind for some decent rewards towards the mana  colors you choose. So like Benalia is basical a white mana region which will lead to white mana rewards in that region

    There is no way to sugar coat this conclusion, but it is going to take a few 100's of hours and a lineage 2 willpower/ training (lol) to grind the region that aligns with a particular mana.

    Let me rebuttal my own comment :) , as far as I know right now ,  I'm not sure of the best way to grind a region. So my previous statement is based off my own ignorance of learning the game. 

    I've rerolled about 4 times since my last post, but this build I have seems to be working out fairly well. White / Red kind of a Templar feel with Holy Light bathed with fire for thou sinners.

    Few things I would like to see :
    Player made map points
    Lockable hud map so it is alway  north
    Card trading market 
    Retooling of wording in some of the panels
     example : base color, it saying something like choose and click to change skills,  well if I choose a class I've already clicked. I'm the dude looking for the "the next click to finalize my class pick "WHERE IS THE BUTTON WHERE !!!!"
    3 different angles to play from, high, mid, low

    With all that said, time for sleep :) 

    - abandoning social media could possibly save the world.  
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