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PlayStation Is Epic's Largest Fortnite Earner With iOS Among Smallest Revenue Sources As Trial's Ope

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 7,110

imagePlayStation Is Epic's Largest Fortnite Earner With iOS Among Smallest Revenue Sources As Trial's Opening Arguments Begin |

The Apple-Epic Games lawsuit is still ongoing, and new court documents show where Epic makes its money for Fortnite. Surprisingly the lead platform isn't PC, but rather the PlayStation 4, according to a new deposition. For Apple, the most important thing to note is how small the cut is on iOS, as documents show it's one of the smallest earners for Epic.

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  • SpiiderSpiider Member RarePosts: 923
    Two leeches fighting over the right to drink our blood.

    No fate but what we make, so make me a ham sandwich please.

  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,404
    edited May 5
    Still not on Epic side.

    In War - Victory.
    In Peace - Vigilance.
    In Death - Sacrifice.

  • GodeauGodeau Member UncommonPosts: 75

    It makes a bit more sense why Epic was willing to potentially alienate the mobile platform holders with the lawsuit since the vast majority of the income from Fortnite comes from console. For its part, Epic has noted, per The Verge, that iOS only accounted for 10 percent of Fortnite's daily average players, so it further clarifies why it was so willing to take on Apple in the lawsuit.

    Nothing new to see here. Epic was never consumer centric to begin with. That alone is reason enough for me not to move from Steam or anywhere else really, to their platform, or support their direction of doing things.

  • AeanderAeander Member LegendaryPosts: 6,559
    edited May 5
    It stands to reason that smart phones represent a smaller part of Fortnite's audience. I can't even imagine playing a real-time shooter with in-depth building mechanics on a touch screen phone. That sounds like torture.

    Things like this are also why I don't support crossplay in competitive games. M & K has inherent advantages over controllers (even if I prefer the more chill feeling of handling a controller), and both are infinitely superior to touch controls. Players do not have a level playing field.
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