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Fast pass Beta keys

SandmanjwSandmanjw Member RarePosts: 420
No clue about the game, not my type of game. No others likely to come my way, and no clue about setting up account or anything either.

So no questions to me about anything I guess  >:)  Hope they work if anyone interested in this game. So first come and all that....good luck!

We’ve got two “Fast Pass” codes, for you and a Friend to join the closed Beta Test for CROWFALL. Now, is the time for you to join the battle and rise as an Eternal Hero fighting for the Gods! Form an alliance to ambush your enemies, or lead a massive army in Throne Wars to siege their Castle. Better yet, captain a mercenary raiding party in fast-paced attacks on high-value targets. Good luck Crow, remember your choices are your greatest weapon in the battle for glory, wealth and power!


To start your adventure: Redeem your code, create your account and download the game here:
*Codes expire May 17.
By the way, you’re in time to compete in our new Eternal Champions Series Twitch Tournament! Compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes and find out if you have what it takes to be an Eternal Champion!


As you adventure. Additional content and features will be made available. For information on the latest update and to connect with the community, join the Crowfall community on TwitterFacebookTwitch and YouTube. To share your feedback on your adventure through our words, visit the Beta Testing feedback forum. To buy Crowfall, giving you access to play now and forever, visit the Crowfall Store.
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