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Patch3.14 & 80% Chinese Shareholders = GameDownfall

GoromhirGoromhir Member UncommonPosts: 463
If Neverwinter or Path of Exile or whatever game, once greedy Chinese companies appear,
buy 50-60-80% of the game company shares, its over for Western players with having fun..
Only $$$$€€€€ counts from now on. Path of Exile shows it perfect.

Weird decisions, weird pay models and what all appear..

Patch 3.14 >> Streamer Priority Login, Items drops, 6Links etc etc etc..

Whenever i read about a chinese company taking over a western Computer Game factory i am out...
I wont support them anymore because they change everything to GREED and IGNORANCE in favor of MONEY.

No way i play one of these games again.

Be careful falling into these Chinese traps.
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