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Eternal Champions Series 2021 ($50,000)

francis_baudfrancis_baud Member RarePosts: 479
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"Event matches are played in the Crowfall HungerDome™ Arena. Each competition will include 12 teams of 5 players each entering the arena to compete in a battle of approximately 30-minutes; the winner is the last team/member standing, before the world is consumed by the Hunger in this battle for Domination!"

$25,000 in cash and $25,000 in prizes (Razor, Intel, Alienware, Twitch)

Only on Twitch:


Step 1: You must be logged in to your Crowfall Account begin your Application

Step 2: The application process requires a Team to be created in advance of filling out the Application

Step 3: Visit, to create your ECS Team by entering the names (Crowfall Display Name) of your 4 ECS Team Members into the Team creation tool 

Step 4: Apply at using your Team Name on the Application Form to link your Team to the ECS event, the Crowfall system will recognize your Team name; if it does not you will receive a message advising that the Team has either not been created;  cannot be found; or that the Team Name does not exist - if that happens, please check on your original submission at to ensure spelling, etc.

Step 5: Complete the Application Form and remember, to be considered for an invite to the ECS event, all Team Members must click on the bottom of the ECS Official Rules page to “accept” the Official Rules."

For all the details:
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  • mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,531
    This is kinda cool. Maybe I'll check out Crowfall to see where they're at in development again. GL to anyone who is competing.
  • francis_baudfrancis_baud Member RarePosts: 479
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    Centaur Crusader

    As a primary group healer, the Crusader relies on his Illuminate and AoE heals (Holy Symbol and Fountain of Life) to sustain the team’s health and weather the storm of the HungerDome.

    Elken Paladin

    The Paladin is both durable and integral to the survival of his group. His Divine Lights supply consistent healing in a confined area and his Devotion removes DoTs. Coupled with Sanctuary from Runecaster and Divine Aura from Transcendent Warrior, the Paladin is critical to a group’s success. 

    High Elf Inquisitor

    The Inquisitor is the most hybrid healer in Crowfall as their powers do both damage to enemies and provide healing to their group. Fire of Life is one of the most powerful abilities in the game as it prevents the group from dying (for a limited period of time). Inquisitors are also arguably the most slippery of the healers and the most difficult to isolate and remove from the field.

    Human Arbiter

    The Arbiter’s role as a frontline healer shines as a result of his Divine Presence which heals himself and those around him while also damaging enemies and draining them of their stamina. They rely on their ability to increase their group’s incoming healing to sustain their health.

    Wood Elf Earthkeeper

    The Earthkeeper is particularly adept at maintaining their group’s health through their healing orbs and healing rain. Will’O’Wisp’s splash effects cannot be overstated. The reduction in resulting damage from Protection Stakes also makes the Earthkeeper particularly adept in area denial.


    Stoneborn Secutor

    The tank’s tank, the Secutor can boost their defense to prevent incoming damage and yet can still deliver a punch. Their Chain Pull is pivotal when trying to isolate enemies as a called target. The Fortifier discipline doubles down on this durability and provides damage resistances for their entire group.

    Minotaur Pit Fighter

    The Music Pitfighter is designed to increase the group’s final damage through Yaga’s Requiem, a pulsing debuff which increases the damage taken by your enemies. The Pitfighter heals itself through its Neckbreaker and Ultimate Warrior powers and is very difficult to remove from the field.

    Nethari Sanctifier

    The Sanctifier has multiple methods of using barriers to mitigate damage while also proving effective damage through its Condemnation power. Condemnation is incredibly strong because it also heals the Sanctifier and makes them immune to crowd control effects. Having Unstable Mage and Force Mage also turns these barriers into significant damage delivery devices. The Sanctifier cannot be ignored as the Hunger is closing in.

    Wood Elf Frostguard

    This version of the Frostguard is designed around area denial. Its Black Ice provides a debuff to enemies’ healing while its Protection Stakes make their entire group less susceptible to damage. The Frostguard’s FrostArmor builds on that functionality. Critical to the Frostguard’s success is their AoE Knockdowns resulting from their spawning Volatile Ice. Getting a Volatile Focus gem in the Hungerdome is critical for effective Frostguard play.

    Elken Fury

    The Fury is the most durable of the Templar promotions. It relies upon crowd control to boost their maximum health. Seeing a Fury at 50% health doesn’t necessarily mean they are anywhere near death. The Music Fury adds Yaga’s Requiem to this durability and makes those near the Fury take more damage from all attackers.

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  • francis_baudfrancis_baud Member RarePosts: 479
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    Half Giant Alpha Warrior

    The Alpha Warrior’s Neckbreaker power is an AoE to be feared under any circumstance. Adding Demolisher to increase the group’s crushing penetration doubles down on this damage type and makes them even more effective. The Paragon discipline grants the Alpha Warrior the ability to heal themselves, although certainly not as effective as real healer.

    Half Elf Stormcaller

    The Stormcaller relies on its Aura Emitter as well as Gaea’s Wail to deliver effective and consistent damage. Storm Avatar boosts all damage done for a limited period of time. The Stormcaller has multiple means of reducing their enemies resistances to electrical damage and in doing so, few can withstand their consistent damage.

    Human Warden

    The Warden is the Trap Master and this build is built around boosting that damage. By adding Toxic Traps and Explosive Traps the Warden can apply a healing prevention debuff, a bleed, a stun, and burn their targets...all while also providing themselves with a barrier. Teams who ignore the Warden do so at their own peril.

    High Elf Archmage

    The ArchMage is a ranged damage dealer of death. Their Crystal Lance is an execution power that hits hard against those of low health. Opponents should avoid standing in their Shatterstorm. FrozenDancer provides an effective means of delivering Frostbite, an icy persistent damage over time. This combos well with Death-Shard, which deals critical damage to those with Frostbite. For defense, Master of Focus provides a barrier which provides some additional durability.

    Nethari Fanatic

    The classic ranged Crowfall damage dealer, the Fanatic relies on fire damage delivered from its basic attacks to boost “Sin” on the target, which then increases the damage delivered by its big damage power, Absolution. Closing the Book typically results in the removal of an opponent from the match. 

    Minotaur Titan

    The Titan is a whirling dervish of damage. They rely on applying bleeds to their enemies, then boosting their damage attacking those bleeding targets. This results in devastating Neck Slashes and basic attacks. Applying the Stalker discipline significantly boosts their damage against low health targets making them a particularly effective finisher. The Titan also has its own means of mitigating damage through their Berserk power; just be sure to avoid the ensuing crash.

    Fae Blackguard

    The Blackguard is the most durable of the assassin promotions. This build focuses on bleeding targets and boosting their bleeding by adding poison damage to bleeding targets via Dagger Spin. The Blackguard is also pivotal in mitigating healing on a focused target by delivering Blackmantles through their Shiv enhancement. 

    Guinecean Slayer

    As one of the only two stealth classes available, the Slayer is built for quick strikes and ambushing isolated targets. Critical to effective Slayer play is utilizing their coin flip buffs from Inconceivable. Go for Broke delivers damage from stealth and can be utilized as both an opener or a finishing move depending upon the situation.

    All the information was copied from the official website:
  • BruceYeeBruceYee Member EpicPosts: 2,428
    RIP every other CF game mode.
  • francis_baudfrancis_baud Member RarePosts: 479
    BruceYee said:
    RIP every other CF game mode.
    There were 8 campaigns only in March so I guess they're not neglecting other modes.
  • francis_baudfrancis_baud Member RarePosts: 479

    The ECS Tournament approaches and the sign-ups to compete in the 1st & 2nd ECS Qualifiers closes April 23rd.

    $25,000 in cash, $25,000 in prize (Intel, Razer and Alienware)

    Steps to apply to the 1st and 2nd qualifiers:

    1. Create a free account on the official website

    2. Visit the team page to form your team

    3. Fill the application form

    Teams will be chosen based on their HungerDome performance (and other factors). Eligible teams must play at least 10 Hunger Dome Matches to qualify for entry into the Series. The tracking of the Team's HungerDome matches begins once the Team completes and submits the ECS application.

    Steps to play and practice in the HungerDome for free:

    1. Download the HungerDome Tournament Server

    2. Check the schedule for the matches (April 22nd: 11 AM - 2 PM CDT, 7 PM - 10 PM CDT)

    3. Select an Archetype and join a match of HungerDome

    More info on the rewards, event dates, rules, etc.


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