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How is Siege Perilous?

SwizzleStickSwizzleStick Member Posts: 10

I would like to play UO again but im not interested in a regular shard because they have changed to much, so I have a few questions about Siege Perilous which I remember being an "old school" type shard.

1) Does it have any expansion material? (neon items, trammel *bleh*)

2) If you play on it or have played on it recently what is the community like, and what are your opinions of the shard.

Im not interested in free shards either (just getting that out of the way)



  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    I do not actively play Siege, so I cannot tell you a lot about it.
    I would say check stratics - Siege forum and ask there

    1) Does it have any expansion material? (neon items, trammel *bleh*)

    It has expansions like AOS, SE and soon ML lands but no Trammel features.
    You cannot insure things, but most Siege players have ar least one item blessed.
    Also some trammel features bled over to siege and are harming gameplay a little.
    Neon items are normal for UO now.

    The few times I looked at Siege it seemd to have the most mature community of all UO shards and I guess not a lot has changed.

    Try the 15 day trial first and see if the shard is to your liking.

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