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Article up or down voting+ability to unsubscribe from threads

TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 10,216
It would be nice if we could up or down vote articles and provide easy feedback to your site. I noticed not everyone posts on all news articles, though we read them. Just curious if up down voting is a metric you could use so you all gain a better insight on what folks here consider relevant to them personally.

Also the ability to unsubscribe from a thread you commented in would be nice; which I swear was an option at one point, unless I'm mistaken. Some threads get just plain obnoxious and I lose interest in following but still get notifications for weeks. Having the ability to shut off notifications for one thread you no longer want to follow would be welcomed as it's a pain to sift through the sometimes hundreds of notifications if one thread gets heated to find comments on one you are interested in following. An easy to find on off toggle for each thread would be great.
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