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Crazy game recommendation

SandmanjwSandmanjw Member RarePosts: 479
edited March 2021 in PC Gaming
For this site anyhow >:)

Bloons TD 6 on Steam for $1.99 right now. Little tower defense type game with balloons (hence the name) for any that have not heard of it.

Ya, ya, I know...sounds crazy, but it really is a good little time waster that I mess around with every couple days or so for a bit. And it even has multiplayer (kinda) which not all that this site promotes even have  :wink:

Normal price is $9.99 and I think it is worth 2 bucks easily.  So for any that might be stuck with nothing to do and need a little game to waste some time with, go take a look on steam.


  • VeelsieVeelsie Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Awesome time waster! I occasionally play Bloons TD whilst I'm waiting and end up spending hours on it haha!
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332
    Two things come to mind.

    1 For a version #6 it looks incredibly bad.
    2 WHO or WHY would anyone spend 180 million to acquire Ninja Kiwi...truly baffling.
    It just tells me there must be a lot of interesting loopholes in the business world and how to move money around that benefits one's business even when it looks dumb.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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