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Black Desert Online Remastered Launches Sage Class, New Trailer |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 7,110
edited March 17 in Videos Discussion

imageBlack Desert Online Remastered Launches Sage Class, New Trailer |

The newest class for Black Desert Online Remastered has launched today on PC, bringing the Sage class to the world. This caster-type class brings its ancient weapon, the cube-shaped Kyve, to Black Desert, smiting foes from afar.

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  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,318
    Heart pounding. Woah that is like the coolest animations for mmo 2021 award :D
    - abandoning social media could possibly save the world.  
  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,318
    these nerds got lvl 61 already xD
    - abandoning social media could possibly save the world.  
  • enesisxlr8enesisxlr8 Member UncommonPosts: 96
    God dam that does look dope
  • otamuralhaotamuralha Member CommonPosts: 1
    Mars_OMG i still did not make mine but literally takes 3h from 58 to 61 with quests, and from 1 to 58 you just need a friend and exp scroll in 2h you 58
  • renstarensta Member RarePosts: 702
    Uffffff looks too good!! Outdone themselves again. Theres so much to love about black desert! I just wish it was more than a combat simulator. Like... I dunno make the world more fun to explore or something, like guildwars 2. Like something clearly is missing with blackdesert, still, really awesome trailer.


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  • GorweGorwe Member Posts: 510
    That dude on the ad looks cool and stylish. Just wanted to praise a cool dude as opposed to more cleavage.
  • VinterkrigVinterkrig Member RarePosts: 1,901
    So what's it take to be able to pvp and not get dumped on in this game? Money, 10000 hours? Just curious.
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