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MMOSide Chat: Do You Ever Have A Hard Time Getting Into An MMO Everyone Seemingly Loves? |



  • FunkyfuzzFunkyfuzz Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    I think that popularity doesn't necessarily drive people to games, but it piques interest in many. I think from that point people will check it out and try it if it meets their qualifications. I tend to end up playing a game when I decide to dig into it enough to download it, but there's a few that I've just stopped after a few minutes.
    Most survival games - for some reason, the survival concept intrigues me, but I always end up just logging out of every survival game I play after just a few hours. Perhaps I haven't found one yet that attracts me, or (more likely) the concept sounds more enjoyable then the actual gameplay when I get there.
  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 4,006
    edited March 10
    SWtOR. I love Star Wars and WoW in SW universe sounds great in theory, as do the great storylines for each class, but the two times I’ve downloaded it and tried it, I didn’t last more than a couple of hours. I already have thousands of hours logged into the WoW universe, I can’t justify starting over. ESO, Fallout 76, and Destiny 2 were different enough to make the switch worth it for a time, but SWtOR fails to click for some reason.

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