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Here's Everything Announced At The BlizzConline Opening Ceremony |



  • xpsyncxpsync Member RarePosts: 1,611
    Vutar said:

    Homura235 said:

    Unless it's WoW 2.0 I don't care...

    That is where I am with Blizzard Games at this point. WoW 2 or I don't care.

    This is wow 2.0, the game isn't even recognizable from Vanilla.

    Chromie Time swept old wow 1.0 under the rug.

    You start on Exile's Reach to 10, BFA 10 to 50, and then on to the Shadowlands to 60.

    You can do old expac's if you want but i've no idea if they have improved that experience or not? Going with that, yeah, ER, BFA, SL = Wow 2.0

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  • GorweGorwe Member Posts: 380
    TheAmir said:
    I might (emphasis on MIGHT) pick up D2.

    As someone who despises PVP gank boxes, I'll be hardcore avoiding D4 since it's obvious what direction they'll be taking that game in the future. Plus I've no desire to be forced to play on a multi-player server.

    WoW is and has been dead to me for years, so I couldn't care less what they do with that dumpster fire.

    The Rogue trailer does indeed worry me(though it might just end up as an instanced PvP a la PoE), but...

    ...what do PvP gank boxes and Diablo 4 have with each other?
  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,719
    Product price for the Prime Evil Collections shows as AUD99.95 + Broadband connection fee = ? AU120 for me. So, I wasn't incorrect just didn't explain properly. 

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  • HighclassXDHighclassXD Newbie CommonPosts: 3

    I honestly don’t care if blizzard disappears from history. They were perma-banned years and years ago.

    Obv not if youre still reading their articles and posting comments. That takes commitment. You Love WoW and Blizzard. Stop acting hard
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