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Mystera Legacy - Skill-based Sandbox MMORPG

RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,123
Browser :

Google Play:

Crossplatform/switch between PC or phone.

Don't let the looks deceive you. After really digging deep into the game, I will say that its very interesting. Many skills to work on ( Tons of deep mechanics to create a ton of replayability. PvP system with a criminal/honor system. No map so you must explore the world and gain knowledge on your own.

The ability to build your own house/farm to raise animals, breed, plant seeds, grow/harvest crops.

At first glance, the game looks/feels kinda "meh" but I am telling you, its actually good once you get to understand how things work.

The game is 100% free,  no cash shop. It's 100% funded by donations and cosmetic items.


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