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New & Upcoming KDF fleet which is housed in the 7th fleet armada is looking for you! Qapla!!

freddurstscoolfreddurstscool Member UncommonPosts: 2
The great house <Tribal Retribution>We r looking for brave souls to join our fleet which is housed in a powerful armada, The 7th Fleet Armada. The 7th fleet armada has been around since the conception of this game and has armadas on both sides. If you are looking to help a new & upcoming fleet build things up from the ground up we r looking for you. We are currently fleet level 9 and growing fast. There is potential for those who join and contribute to move up in the ranks quickly. We also have a federation fleet for those who play both sides equally as we do. Are there any active players out there who r sick of being in a large fleet and feeling ignored and left out of the cliques that exist in those large fleets? We also run weekly events on the weekends. please reply to this post or hit me up in discord: panda #5147 . We have a discord server for the fleet. : we look forward to hearing from ya!! I can also be messaged in game @stvnptmn . Qapla!!
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