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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 25,186
    The high-power, large-die PC chips that we mostly care about generally aren't the first ones on a new node anyway.  It's easier to make low power chips with a small die with acceptable yields on an immature process node.

    Qualcomm and Samsung have also launched cell phone chips on a 5 nm process, so it's not like Apple is still the only one with 5 nm chips.  There will be plenty of 5 nm capacity for whoever wants it soon enough.

    The article talking about how many processors per month TSMC will sell is stupid.  Foundries think of volume in terms of wafer starts per month.  They mostly don't care how large your die size is (at least up to the reticle limit, which early chips won't bump up against) or how many chips you carve each wafer into.  They get paid by the wafer.
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