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Thinking of picking up again.

GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,852
For those of you still active, I'd like you opinion. I am debating on playing again. I am interested to see what the new expansion might hold, keeping in mind current specs and potential future elite specs, what are you favorite "Go-To" class/specs for casual / solo / Open World / PVE. Not necesarily looking for full builds, but maybe a brief word or 2 on preferred play-styles? Previously, I'd had a lot of fun with my damn near immortal Reaper. But I may want to try something new too. My best gear is on my Mirage who has all but a few parts Ascended Vipers. I was thinking of converting that to power and going either Power Chrono, or giving it to my reaper. But that's only 2 specs. I'd still love to hear what others bear around Open World in.

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