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MMORPG {Where are we headed?}

AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212
I do not understand the current site. 

The first thing I noticed, 32 seconds after launching the site...I was still launching the site [I'm being dramatic.]. However, I wanted to search for all information leading to the survival game, 'Surviving The Nights', and the returned results read like a broken Yahoo Search. 

I can see the direction of the company, you want a STEAM feel, but is that what we are really good at? How do we get better at it? There is no shame in backtracking to the last known good. Decisions are always able to be changed, look at the constitution -the amendments. Stop, drop and roll because it looks like you are on fire. 

Can someone send me a link to the online game, 'Surviving The Nights'?
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