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The ads

Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member RarePosts: 620
edited December 2020 in Site Suggestions
I was getting tired of seeing so many oversexualized ads. Like almost every  ad has a buxom girl. Seems like most are asian. I wish the site owners were more mindful not all of us are still 18, being ok with that. I guess for some years I was ok with it for the eye candy. But as I've grown older I find myself not accepting things like that anymore. Enabled adblocker today. I don't do it with malice. I want this site to be paid for and I know ads are income. Consider adding a sub option, like $1 to $3 a month, to remove ads. Give us a special title so others know we're contributers. Not all of us want to willingly block income sources. This site is valuable for us players to spread information about many differnet mmorpgs for others who otherwise might never know of them.

For the record I think I clicked a couple over the years. I rarely click ads though.

Oversexualization is common. Who can forget Firiona Vie on the Everquest manual and CD cover? I'll confess I liked the pudding. I was dumb and 22. Oh and what about those wood elves and half elves wearing their armor lingerie. I'm speaking of the original models. So many games use this tactic because there're a lot of men boys who fall for it. I think I'm too old now. For years I look at these games and I look at the ladies and they're nearly all showing too much skin and too much up top. Stop. Just stop.

Make good mmorpgs. That's what I care about.


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