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Chiclet Keyboards

Abscissa15Abscissa15 Member UncommonPosts: 66
I didn't find the topic in previous discussion - if I missed it, I apologize.
What is your opinion on using a chiclet keyboard for general gaming. I mean desktop keyboards, not laptops.
I'm using a mechanical keyboard but am thinking of going chiclet with my new build. If there's downsides I would like to have a heads-up.
Thank you.


  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,288
    I'm currently using Logitech MX Keys for gaming and I think it's fantastic.

    But I think it's more of a personal preference on what kind of feeling you like rather than one keyboard type being better than another. Everyone has their own preference on how the keys should feel, and the choice of chiclet style vs. mechanical keyboard is more a question of preference than one being better than other.

    With that said, if you buy a chiclet keyboard, be aware that some of the cheap ones don't have enough key rollover for gaming. I've never seen a more expensive model ($100 range) where I could exceed the key rollover limit in any game, but I've been able to do it with a cheap $30 chiclet type keyboard. If you want to buy a cheap chiclet type keyboard then check that is has enough key rollover for your gaming needs.
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