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Blizzard a great company

IudiciumIudicium Member UncommonPosts: 16
edited October 2020 in Off-Topic Discussion

Blizzard is a facist company don't give them a single cent, they censor and ban you on the forums for adressing a problem with the company ( I'm talking about that spiteful/hateful woman Madeleine Roux). Blizzard banned me for Racial Hatred, yeah the irony.

Blizzard is perma-banning and systematically deleting anything about this topic, anyone who mentions this on their Forums and even wowhead. Reddit mods are perma-banning anyone who posts it on r/wow. Don't let them shut us up about this racist woman!

Swifty gets completely cancelled over unproven/false sex offense allegations and his npc is removed from the game while Blizzard hire a public racist/sexist hateful woman

...hatred toward any group or race should not be tolerated.

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