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Sub price and udpates coming

Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 611
edited September 2020 in Pathfinder Online
It's 5 per month per character. I'm playing currently. Since I'm split between this and Everquest, I'm not playing this much yet. It looks like it's still a work in progress, but there does look to be a sandbox/pvp mmo. My name is Gade.

Only try if you can play something like Wurm Online and  be happy. I'll update this thread as I go.

My expeirences so far is I started in camp. You have to click on NPCs to see their name. Quest NPCs are sometimes highlighted. You have to right-click them. Press P for paperdoll. Press C for character. Press F for feats (they're like abilities that enable everything else). Press I for inventory. Press TAB to chagne targets. Press R to autorun. One annoying thing so far is tutorial quests usually require you to train a skill but you usually alreayd trained it, so you have to train something somewhere else to progress teh quest. It's slowing me down so much it was making me lost interest because I had to foot it back and forth. It needs to be addressed quick if they wnat new people staying. But anyway, I've done some of the tutorials for rogue, cleirc and fighter. Tehy're all near the camp you spawn at when you create your character.  I think I completed the fighter tutorial.

So how it works is you get 100 xp every hour for 1 month sub. You spend the XP on feats (and skills I think too). You buy feat I to enable gear I, but you can't use gear II without feat II. You can train anything at anytime. So you can be a healer and a tank and a wizard. However, since xp is limited by time played, and because specialized players grouped are might be more effective together, I'm not sure how being a hybrid will work out so far. My feeling is being a hybrid might be good solo, but bad if I'm with others, or maybe only some feats/skills should be hyridized in  groups. I haven't plaeyd long enough to know.

So..... to get a combat role going.... you get a armor feat, slot in your paperdoll, slot your weapon in paperdoll, slot weapon feats in your quickbar, slot your implement in paper doll, and then fill your implement with (name) and put those in quickbar. Something like that's. I'm still working it out.

So there're hexes all across the map. A fairly sizeable area. There're player settlement squares. There're NPC squares representing hostile activity. There're NPC squares representing strong hostile presence. There're NPC settlement squares, usually with restricted PVP--like where the player starts. So the reason players make settlements is to "mine" resources. These're used by companies to be stronger. Companies are like guilds. So basically to be the most powerful, even as an individual player, you want to be in a company with a lot of settlements.

How will they make sure a pvp elite company doesn't snowball and destroy the smaller settlements ruthlessly? They say they're thinking hard on it and doing work to ensure the game world will be reasonably fair and not require something like a wipe for fair play.

No dungeons as fart as I know. I hope htey add some. I love pve in sandbox mmorpgs, but really any game. Pvp is an wesome source of new content, but pve is great way to get away from the chaos of pvp for a while. Being a farmer or dungeon crawler is a great escape and very important i think in rpg-focused mmo.
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  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 14,142
    This "game" is an utter abomination IMHO.  The "Steve Jobs" of gaming AKA Ryan Dancey tried to make an MMORPG on a super cheap budget and then the engine he was going to use was pulled from him so he ended up with this horrible thing that should have been put to rest years ago when they laid off everyone except 1-2 guys.

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  • Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 611
    edited September 2020
    Idk slapshot I'm just trying it out. I did the same thing with Darkfall Rise of Agon. I got the same dismissla for that  but I still consider it a fun pvp sandbox mmo. looking on bright side honestly.
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