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ESO: Upcoming change mostly flying under radar will be a huge positive change to ESO storage issues

IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 15,681
Yes, I'm back. After approximately 18 months away I've started playing ESO again recently. I've been mostly leveling Necros while getting re-acquainted.

I just learned yesterday that the upcoming final major patch for the year has one base game change (and a related 5-fold increase to the transmutation stone bank limit - currently 100/200 for no-sub and ESO+ going to 500/1000) that is huge in its implication.

That change is a new tab being added to "collections" for item sets. Doesn't sound like much does it? :)

Well, not only does it add a searchable database of the more than 500 unique item sets in the game with a description of where to get it, what it does, etc. but "collecting" those sets will have a huge impact on inventory management since most of our inventory is usually taken up by set pieces we may want to use at some point or on some future alt.

The way it will work is that if you equip an item from a set, that adds it to your account-wide collection and you will then be able to "craft" it at the transmutation forge using transmute stones + mats, tempers and trait stones. This applies to every kind of non-crafted set whether it comes from overland zones, trials, arenas, dungeons, PvP, monster shoulders and helms, etc. 

If you play a lot of alts that you often want to equip with sets that another of your character is also equipping this means there's no need to grind again - you can just duplicate it at the transmute forge instead provided you have the mats to do it. The transmute stone cost for doing this will be either 50 or 25 if you have collected all the items for the set. Additionally, when you "re-construct" an item at the forge you can give it whatever trait your crafter knows so you can equip a dungeon drop from the set you want that came with a crappy trait and re-con it with the trait you actually want on it.

I know that I'm not alone in having roughly 3/4 of my storage space taken up by duplicates and sets I may or may not use in the future. Sets in ESO are constantly tweaked and rebalanced so I even think twice about deconstructing the crappier ones. No need to worry about that any longer. Just equip it to collect it and then decon knowing you can craft it again in the future if they buff it and you want to use it.

So not exactly a change to storage itself but a way to remove the greatest pressure on the need for space. It'll help everyone but probably even more for the non subscribers who want to craft since this should create lots of room to store mats in the bank without as much of a need for the ESO+ crafting bag as is currently the case.

Once it goes live you'll have to log in each character (also not 100% sure but likely no "historical" adding to the collection of set pieces you once used but deleted before this goes live) and whatever they have equipped will be added to the collections. You can then just quickly equip anything you haven't equipped yet before you deconstruct it to make room. You'll also obviously want to think twice about deconstructing anything that is purple or better depending on your upgrade temper situation.

This patch goes on the PTS tomorrow and will be live sometime in November.

Totally unexpected and awesome change.

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