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FREE Beta Stress Test

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check at the bottom of the new website


Later this year we will be running an open stress test phase. Sign up now to get a free steam key when the test starts.



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         Added Gaul'Kor city.
         Added Gaul'Kor as a starting option.
         Added world landscape around Gaul'Kor area.
         Added first iteration of bandages
         Added support for home priest, when alive you can use a priest to set it as your home, when dead you can decide to teleport back to your home priest.
         Added simple currency widget to all items showing how much the item is worth when sold to a vendor in their tool-tips.
         Added support for vendors.
         Added a Material Vendor that hands out materials for crafting.
         Added Bandages to the Material Vendor.
         Added support for overriding right click tool-tip. When you have windows open the right click on items in the inventory can now override it's default behavior. This is 
               currently added to vendors,trade and crafting. So if you want to add crafting materials simply right click the material to add it to the first empty slot.
         Added support for trading with other players.
         A few emotes have been added for initial testing. Type /emote in local chat to list them.
         Added a VERY experimental DLSS support for NVidia cards that support this feature. Currently this will sometimes show a watermark on the screen we have checked 
               with NVidia and they are OK with us using this DLL for the alpha test for testing purposes.
         Added Poleswords to weapon crafting.
    [5:37 AM] Herius: Changes:

         Weapon crafting balance updates.
         The player is now allowed to attack again directly after a successful hit, without waiting for the whole animation to finish.
         Attacks now have four stages instead of three. Previously [charge, hold, release]. Now [charge, hold, release, recovery].
         The player is now allowed to attack again when entering the recovery stage.
         All weapon animations updated to support new melee combat setup, resulting in a slight change in feel.
         Added longer blend times between attacks to improve fluidity.
         Daggers no longer have handle Tracing.
         Crafting buttons are now held until one item is created then released and held again for the next item.
         Logout timers will now cancel upon taking damage.
         Updated a bunch of tool-tips.
         Splitting stacks are now a bit prettier.
         Increased the high latency kick threshold.
         Improved lighting setup in paperdoll.
         Improved lighting in login screen to remove green tint.
         Improved loading screen transitions.
         Updated light intensity at night.
         Cloud light intensity updated.
         Updated the moon texture.
         High quality models and textures are now forced in the crafting preview.
         Stacking items now correctly add to the stack you drop on instead of the one your are holding.
         Removed the swing animation turn slowdown, it's now just affected by the normal turn cap.
    [5:37 AM] Herius: Fixes:

         Fixed landscape "wires into the sky" that could sometimes be visible at certain angles.
        Fixed lots of random landscape issues! (Please keep reporting them)
        Crafting now more correctly decides what items goes into what slot.
        Fixed a rare crash on the server.
        Fixed a couple of rare client crash.
        Enabled temporal anti-aliasing in paperdoll if it is enabled in settings.
        Fixed wonky walking animations.
        Players no longer occasionally sink into the ground after jumping.
        Spear no longer attaches to a hip-harness instead of a torso-harness when naked.
        Paperdoll no longer renders on begin play, reducing performance without being visible.
        Meshes no longer flicker or disappear in the crafting window.
        Weapon no longer stays in character creation after deleting the previous character.
        Paperdoll no longer gets out of sync with the player appearance. (some parts would not show properly)
        Hair no longer casts shadow while hidden under helmet in the paperdoll.
        Animation now re-targets properly on females in resurrection sequence.
        Cancel animation (when feinting) now plays at its proper speed. (it was previously too slow)
        The idle sequence for first person is fixed again. It had regressed to the third person variant with too much camera sway.
        Loading screen now covers the whole screen. (a thin border of the background was previously visible)
        Game no longer crashes randomly when returning to main menu after logout.
        Possible fix for issues with sound being set to 0 upon login.
        Durability on items should now correctly update in the tool-tips
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    Asheram said:
    And lol
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,072
    MaDeuce said:
    Asheram said:
    And lol
    Actually I posted something for a different community member but thought better of it and reduced it to the period as there is no delete post option in the edit option. Sry
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    Asheram said:
    MaDeuce said:
    Asheram said:
    And lol
    Actually I posted something for a different community member but thought better of it and reduced it to the period as there is no delete post option in the edit option. Sry
    Probably went something like this.....

    Trolly Trolly Trolly Trolly! 

     You Epic Troll GTFO! LOL
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