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the good and the bad and the ugly, and a few tips

brenthbrenth Member UncommonPosts: 301
first my character design is casual hunter, as tribal as i could get it.  I was able to get a racial indian look  and ultimatly got a bow and a hatchet  but I was concerned with the origin  being European.  there were no options  in the prefier for anything else  no vikings or asian  indian or Aztec 
the clothing/armor seemed to be the same thing   so your armor choice defines your look I loath this.
the market is the usual  broken  player base  that is easily manipulated and exploited because it has none or the real world limits and controles,  so PVP gangs   buy up all the low  posts and re post them for higher values.   the same for the  only oil  in the whole area  they camped it or would train enemy onto you to kill you.
If you were solo  you could never find a group  in your area  as the area chat didnt cover far enough and global covered too far..
food seemed very important  assume it doubled your survivability.  it is possible ti punch 1-2 leveles above your weight  sometimes things 1-2 levels below you would kill you like cats.
resource bottle neck  OIL  oil is used in making steel   so you went from making 250 arrows  to 25 just in one step  it just wasnt worth the extra time and expense to  make steel arrows  a change from 1.05  to 1.10  flint was 1.00   and while  mages had  exciting visuals and should the specials for  bow and hatchet were  bland and  useless.

This was a preview,,  the mobs  were pretty bland   lots of zombies  and wildlife,  the standard perceive, advance attack AI   though things like buffalo and elk would  ignore or runaway,  turkeys would run.  no flying creatures  huge crocks,  the scenery was beautiful and expansive  but  just scenery  few real caves,    you could climb up mountains  but as far as I know  crouch or prone didnt have any effects.  
you could store stuff in cities and expand that storage through missions  BOTTLE NECK  the town tier system  it seems PVP factions are the only ones to control what was upgraded in town  and if they didnt upgraded what you needed you were screwed or limited in what tier you could craft.  I could make above tier 4- 5 food  but not if the kitchen was only tier 2    I loath this for the main towns    I would rather have player missions available for what  station you wanted to work towards   not some  stupid ass tyrant  with  maxed out taxes and no way to fight back  there is no independent faction of bullies and criminals  this make  it broken like EVE   and EVE REFUGEES that leave the game looking for casual player friendly games that dont cater to  console gamer jerks that ruin other peoples enjoyment.

STABILITY  the game overall was highly stable   I have only a couple freezes, a small amount of  lag jumps    I currently have a pretty powerful machine and was running most things full open  the plants looked good, the shadows were ok  and the visual distance was very far   the encounter distance was  100-200 meters  so you could usually see something  beyond  engagement range  on occasion there was  embers or snow or once rain  or fog/smoke  but the weather needs much more work as it seemed  area triggered.   Id like to see charactors need to carry at least some water.  besides inventory.    there was different terrain  from shore to  swamp to temperate, pine and leafy  but no rain forrest or dessert sand or catus.

ZONES  were level based  first light seemed to be 1-20  and seemed to go up by 10s  20-30  30-40  s it means you  what level determined where you were on the map
overall id say what I saw was  polished  but  the content was  basic and needs alot of work to keep people interested for more than a few months it got pretty grindy  killing zombies and running   and even crafting  go kill this,  go fetch that,  go explore there... rinse repeat.   more about money than  inspiration or creativity  reminds me of many OLDER titles with newer graphics.

make a world, not a game, we dont want another game.


  • BallantinesBallantines Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Thank you for your post, appreciate reviews covering the nitty gritty.
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