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This seems more Alpha than Beta

TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 9,283
edited September 2020 in Dual Universe
Not to be harsh but everything so far feels more like a paid alpha.

Things I've experienced so far:

Graphics have been way downgraded and you will get nothing close to the video trailers, also the graphics options are sparse. Object pop-in is atrocious. and distance object and LOD is poor. At times you can't even see someone 5m away, other times you can see them 50m away.  It sort of feels liek you are playing the game through a fogged window since nothing really looks detailed unless you are really close. No way this game will support all tiles on a planet full of creations, at the moment it seems it can barely handle the mess beta players are making.

Falling through maps during tutorial with no way to finish without restarting the game.
Lag gathering ground items. Sometimes items take 2 minutes for your gathered item to register due to lag, which prevents you from gathering anything else.

Network error crashes every fifteen minutes that either targets a few players, or the whole server causing a long queue to get back in.
(edit: now you can't even play more than 1 min before crashing since today's update.)

Travel crashes, which upon logging back in you find your speeder high in the air with no way to reach it. You need to grab element to get it back if you can reach it, if not there is a buggy command that may or may not work they only let you use once every 24 hours.

Urban clutter, seriously it's like everyone left their ships and speeders and other objects parked at the hubs for days. You can't run through objects due to collision, so it makes it hard to move around, much less find your own speeder when there are 50 more that look just like yours. WP to your objects is buggy, so you are left to search. I think a beacon and or arrow would help. Why this isn't a thing, no idea.

Waypoint setting is terrible; especially underground. Waypoints are a very small green box, hard to see, hard to pinpoint true direction in a 3D space at times. Again a big glowy beacon with a arrow would be helpful.

Long distance scanning for material could be better; no thought was put into this at all.

Getting territory is kind of a joke right now. People have snatched up all the land around hubs and lakes so you are better off looking off the beaten path.
Hope you don't mind being 20KM or further from town. just make sure you got enough fuel, because no rescue option lol. I got lucky and got a spot 7km, still takes about 10min of travel.

I assume they need to get more people paying to support this project and that is why they even went beta (cough paid alpha). If you are thinking of  dropping money for this alpha, wait. I'm still going to keep playing occasionally because I like building, and already paid for 3 months (cheapest option). I think with feedback this could be an excellent building sandbox, but at the moment NQ isn't really communicating on a regular basis at all with players about concerns other than occasionally on Discord. I hope they are just really busy fixing stuff and this doesn't become abandonedware. It would just end up cluttered like SL mainland with abandoned junk everywhere, and all you will be left with is an apocalyptic wasteland. Right now seeing a few folks on their forums looking for charge-backs and they don't plan to give the game a second chance.
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