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A good attempt at an older but much missed MMORPG

zevni78zevni78 Member UncommonPosts: 1,145
I don't know why so many mmos didn't keep certain older ideas. This mmo is an AOE heavy, large number of mobs, open world grinder with minimal quests. Many may prefer something with more developer heavy content, but for those of us that played Ragnarok Online and other pre-WoW mmos, this is a nice return to that old habit of lvling. It makes sense with a limited budget and a small team for just populate the world with a LOT of mobs, and just let the players smash away at them for hours, but it is also rather satisfying. For one, you have to think your moves through. You can, (and I did) die to the first kind of mobs you come across, as they all move in packs. Positioning, use of taunt items and managing health and mana is everything. Not to mention the use of your mount that changes the pace of combat. I have only a few hours of play time, with 4 of the classes, but I am willing to see where else this goes, as it is very bug free so far, with Devs available to talk. There are plenty of people around the starting area, possibly due to a recent LazyPeon vid, so we shall see how many stick around. All in all, I am pleasantly surprised, graphics are not too bad, music is not grating, this could be a nice alternative for those waiting for Pantheon.
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