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We Charity scandal was partnered with the Canadian government

WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,662
I have on a few occasions stated my distrust with charities when brought up on this site by game companies involved in such mannerism and using it to raise their PR.

Well here we have a charity that the Canadian government accepted to be behind it's 900 million dollar student grant program.They were paid 250k last month and then were caught paying people to fake reviews.
There is even more however as the National Post brought out in it's questions and that is why the We Charity chose to not register as a government lobbyist.Naturally of course the We Charity response was BS and sounded dishonest.
So now it puts the government in a really bad place being tied into a dishonest business and millions of tax payers dollars as well as the money people gave to a so called charity.

I would HOPE that by now in 2020 most realize that charities are just businesses,very well paid ones that simply have a pass on paying taxes so they they meet certain guidelines,pretty much exactly the same way a Church operates.

These types of businesses often spend tons of money to further manipulate the VIEW of their charity,including paying a search engine business and of course paying simple people hired through ANOTHER agency that is likely also involved with We charity.The NP beef was that as easy way to PROVE We Charity is not operating illegally was to show proof of the financial records and they hung up on the lady asking for them.Their response was laughable "at that time there was a lot of pressure on people due to the pandemic"lmao,i think we are going to see a LOT more Pandemic excuses over the years.

Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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