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Heathen Lords-Marauder Company [NA - English - PvX] Recruiting! 18+

Galelimos13Galelimos13 Member UncommonPosts: 6


About us!


Heathen Lords is a NA English speaking company that aims to be a top Marauder company at launch in New World! Our base leadership is comprised of several real-life friends who have been gaming together for many years. I have been playing mmo games since 1997 in Ultima Online, I have since been a part of every major mmo game that has launched. What we hope to establish is an active drama free company that will hold territory and assist other Marauder companies in the defense of their territories as well.


What we are looking for!


Although we already have a base group of founders this is a new company, we want our new members to know their opinions and feelings matter. We will be filling officer and recruitment roles from the new member ranks. We need the following.

  • Crafters

  • Gatherers

  • Soldiers

  • Officers

  • Recruitment Agents

  • Two to Three allied Marauder Companies


What you can expect from us!


  • A safe friendly environment

  • Fair leadership where your input matters

  • An active and informative Discord server

  • PvE, PvP and crafting assistance




All our rules are posted on our Discord server and we will expect members to read them before filling out an application. We require you to be 18+ years of age, English speaking and prepared to use Discord for territory wars. We are looking for active members, but we do understand that we all have real life jobs and family and that they come first. We require members to be logged in once every 7 days, if you will be gone long term please reach out to an officer or founder. Failure to do so will result in removal from guild after 14 days.


Join the fight!


  • Join our Discord server

  • Apply using the form in the #application channel

  • Also seeking Marauder alliances if any current company is interested hit me up with a Discord DM at (DR.Horrible#3396)

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