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New World - Pre-Beta Preview and Theory Crafting

LipstickpaddyLipstickpaddy Member UncommonPosts: 22
In this video we look at official photos released by the New World devs, and theory craft around what we see whilst also sharing other titbits about what to expect from the Beta that is different than the Alpha.

⏱ Show Notes ⏱

0:00 Intro
1:50 NPCs in the Towns
3:35 Weather Effects
5:19 Spears 
6:50 Gorgeous Effects
9:13 2-handed Swords
11:15 ⚔Dual Wielding Rapiers⚔
14:30 Off-hand Torch
15:57 The Crafting Mystery
17:03 Faction Gear
18:43 Faction Quests
21:12 Territory Rewards
22:46 The World Map
22:37 Town Projects
24:49 Skill Trees
27:25 What Makes this Game so Special
28:49 Milestones Mystery
30:44 Outro

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