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Ashes of Creation June Dev Update Shares Housing Footage

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 5,023

imageAshes of Creation June Dev Update Shares Housing Footage

Some early housing footage from Ashes of Creation has been shared as part of the 90 minute development update.

Read the full story here



  • saman345saman345 Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    this game seems to be very interesting but if have opportunity to play such an amazing game, i would really appreciate such opportunity.
  • RLWDRLWD Member UncommonPosts: 38
    edited July 6
    Sieges should be restricted to certain times (could be different for different places) during the week.

    Otherwise what most people with more time on their hand will do is just siege your stuff in the middle of the night, which is just a dumb mechanic flaw
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