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My ideas on the Cyberpunk 2077 story

ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 2,857

So, with the first Night City Wire done and the previews analyzed it seems that everything we have seen thus far, for the most part has been from the first few hours of the game, the prologue. Which seems to end when Johnny Silverhand winds up in her minds and we are thrown into the dump from the E3 trailer. Other from that we know really nothing about where the game goes from there. The next, potentially, 60 hours of story content unknown. That is insane to me in this day and age. So here are my ideas on what I think the main story is about.

I think Jackie dies. I am sorry. I know they are promoting him quite a bit but he is probably a huge part of the prologue so his death resonates . I think his death is a catalyst for one happens next. Which is Johnny Silverhand manipulating you to get full access to your body. Obviously a twist most of us well see a hundred miles away. One of the things that we learned from the previews is that we can not just move the camera during dialog scenes but walk away as well. I think when Johnny gets a hold of your body there will be certain scenes where your character moves and maybe even talks for you. Taking control away. I think the Johnny Silverhand portion of the main quest will be similar to Upgrade.

I think at the end the endings are Johnny takes over your body, that you expel him, or that you put him into someone else. I don't think a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 will rely on the character that you create here. I think you will start all over again with a new character. From what I can gather from everything we have heard it seems like it would be mighty difficult carrying over your character and choices to a Cyberpunk 2088 with the vast amount of choices they want to implement.

I do think choices will matter in Cyberpunk 100% more then maybe any other game but it's still a game and it will have a beginning, middle, and end. There are going to be set things in the story that needs to take place. That is just a fact. I can't even begin to dream about what is going to lead us to point A to Z but I strongly believe this is the story we are getting and I have thought that since 2018. I was confident about writing this thread after seeing you character smash the window in the bathroom like the E3 trailer and the fact that when Johnny looks at his hands that your character does as well. Seeming to back up my Johnny has some control of your body.

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    Oops nm.

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    I'm impressed by the thought and effort you've gone to thinking about the story @Arterius good job
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