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Whats screeps?

badermalbadermal Member UncommonPosts: 248
I always see @anemo replying screeps when i say iam looking for territory wars 


  • anemoanemo Member RarePosts: 1,903
    Probably the best territory control game depending on which aspects you actually care about.

    In this case it's going to be focused on giving an individual "guild level" control of the game.   So essentially they are doing actions like planning resource allocations, planning defense, planning military Doctrine, and similar.   This also means that in cases where fights actually go guild level, it turns into something that would be better seen as a world war level (when looking at EVE).

    Basically it's an RTS game with MMO persistence and scale (not in the web empire building style, actually RTS style with individual buildings and units).   Then manages to keep everyone sane by making the game based on AI programming (You can get quite a bit done with only simple constructs like using the flag placing system and simple logic).   Then using some RPG mechanics that limit how far players can expand and customize some of their units.

    It's also a case of a PvP game actually having a pretty darn nice community.   The fact that no-alts-allowed is strictly enforced, that "you're always logged in", and an initial skill gap that makes EVE look easy...  Does an amazing job at keeping the people who would normally kill FFA games away from this one  (even if it has stayed pretty darn niche).

    It's pretty easy to poke at the tutorial (no signup, no download, no giving up social media credentials, and/or similar):!/sim/tutorial


    You've pretty much vetoed it every time since you mostly care about playing an individual character.  

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  • badermalbadermal Member UncommonPosts: 248
    alright but i need to know programming to play this game/
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