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Tips needed

AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 678
So after reading Red's trading saga it really sparked my interest. I went and started playing again a lot of the painfulnes from launch is gone which is great the problem I am having is combat I am terrible at it I had to fight the guy in the tutorial ending like 4 times before I killed him. I feel like my sword swings are really slow or I am just not doing it right any tips? 
Second question I have about 8 soldiers now what should I be doing roaming the country side or looking for missions? I have tried to talk to people in towns and they dont say anything when I go to a castle they say I am to weak to do their missions.   


  • NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,549
    The standard start is to wander around and prey on bandit groups smaller than your force.  That way you gain experience points and shouldn't lose.  It'll also build up your coin purse and give you items to sell, adding more money.

    Hit up the villages for recruits to add to your force.

    While there's a set speed on sword blows, you do need to move the mouse forcefully to get the swing going and then the amount of time you hold the mouse button down to build up the power will help with the damage you're dealing.

    If swords aren't working for you, try a bow.  My son always built his character up as a mounted archer and would let his troops run in to do the sword work while he stayed back picking off targets from afar.

    I've never really bothered with a lot of the quests in the various games, but if you talk to the City's Guild Master once you've built up your group a bit he might have something.  Also check out the tavern's as that's where you'll find farmers wanting you to come help with bandit problems at his village.

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  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 678
    Thanks for the tips 
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