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Thinking of trying this any tips?

SiveriaSiveria Member UncommonPosts: 1,414
Thinking of giving this a shot any tips? what server to play on? Also what are these henchman things, do they let you be able to solo or? Whats a fun class to start with? List one for Tanks, Dps and for healers.

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  • DafAtRandomDafAtRandom Member UncommonPosts: 115
    Siveria said:
    Thinking of giving this a shot any tips? what server to play on? Also what are these henchman things, do they let you be able to solo or? Whats a fun class to start with? List one for Tanks, Dps and for healers.

    Honestly, I'd start on the progression server, if it's still alive.  The live servers' economy is all kinds of messed up, and the progression is ridiculously fast, to the point you're going to miss out on more than 50% of the content.

    Henchmen are NPCs that get to follow you and act as a party member.  Back in the day, I was playing as a Paladin and my ex wife a wizard, and we had a troubador and templar henchman, and we were able to take down some lesser raid targets that still conned (for loot).

    As for classes, the "best" tank is Guardian but it's very boring to play.  Paladin or Shadowknight is more fun.  Healers you would probably want to play something like a Fury which has ok DPS and heals.  DPS I don't play much of but soloers tend to go to a pet class like the Conjurer or the Necromancer.
  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,962
    I cannot help you with the current servers but when I last played on the Time Locked Progression servers I concentrated on what side I wanted to play on. Freeport or Qeynos mainly for the housing and the look of the housing area and the exclusive furniture.

    I also think the classes are different on both sides. I think you cannot play the same class on both sides. I am not sure though sorry.

    I do however recommend you play a class capable of soloing only because there may not be enough people around to help you. However I also loved grouping and I was in a great guild when I played because the server was packed then. Not too sure how things are now.

    Take your time and do all the content including collecting the shinies. I loved doing that and getting the sets. The game has so much content and don't waste it by rushing through it and some of the quests have amazing stories. It will be very much worth your time to read and experience it.

    Sorry I'm not of much help.
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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,068
    I played on all the servers and just started a new toon and went for the regular servers and Skyfire server..I would expect the economy is messed up on all servers at this point.

    It is tough to give tips without getting into 50 paragraphs lol.

    So will try and give a few options to around level 20 ish.

    Original cities versus newer cities:Soe designed good progression quests/gear rewards for these newer cities.

    I don't follow my own advice because i have played them all,so i make choices to change it up.So i chose Gorowyn route this go around.

    If i was to offer advice to a brand new player ,i would say go the  New HALAS route and get a free cheap horse mount at around level 20 i think it was.

    After your initial starting choice of what route to go,i suggest getting started on crafting/harvesting.There is a whole slew of crafting quests as well harvesting quests.Both have value.

    My next advice is that once you hit level 10,don't be afraid to turn Xp gains down or right off and go for "Alternate Advancements points".If you are free to play ,you won't have the option.

    So now here comes the tricky part and why i say turn xp off or to very low.You can follow the quests in towns that will pretty much take you to level 20.However at that point you will have missed the early parts of dungeons like the Blackburrow zone or Wailing Caves.There are other zones all around level 20 ish as well so it is easy to miss them if you udo the towns then move outwards to the commonlands/Antonica.

    There are dungeon guides that show you progression and level of the dungeons that can give you solid ideas.THe main issue is that the better content is also tougher and oriented towards a group.You can do a lot of it with 2 people and 2 mercs but can still be a bit tough,3-4 people would be ideal.

    That's it,all i want to mention for now,it gives you a good starting point.

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