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Responding to toxicity in online gaming?



  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 3,223
    Vrika said:
    AAAMEOW said:
    There is no such thing as bad play style in starcraft.  You do anything to win.  That is the point of the game.  

    If you have any problem with the game design or map design you should go to the forum.  
    Yes and no.

    Goal is to win. Winning is all that matters and you are right. So that is the yes.

    Playstyle is extraordinarily annoying to play against, even if the goal is to win, losing or winning, isnt even fun.

    I played a guy doing a turtle BC mech build yesterday. After 36 minutes, i won the game, was it fun, not at all. It actually sucked to play against, it isnt even good gameplay as the professionals dont even do it and the way you know a playstyle sucks is that it isnt intrinsically fun to play against.

    Other strategies are more fun to play against, even if i lose. 

    Ling-bane-muta with zerg wrecks me but it is fun to play against either way. Turtle mech is intrinsically annoying as the game gets prolonged by a huge factor, while you slowly whittle away at their defences, slow and tedious it becomes.

    So yes, the goal is to win and you win at all costs, so all gameplay styles are part of strategy, but let us be honest, intrinsically during the game, it is akin to opening a coconut with a plastic knife. Plus, it isnt even a good stategy as pros dont do it. Now proxying and cheesing are annoying to play against but completely justified in tournaments. 

    So yeah, the playstyle sucks and those are my reasons for saying it, prolongs the game to a boring slog. It is an annoying playstyle and, you could argue it is bad, as it doesnt succeed at higher levels and prolongs games uselessly. 
    That was an extreme load of bullshit.
    How so? Main point was it isnt fun to play against and professional players dont even do it, so yes it is a win at all cost game, but there is no redeeming quality for it as it isnt even deemed a good enough strategy for pros to do it. 

    At least if professionals did it, then you could justify it as a "good" strategy like cheeses and proxies. But if professionals dont do it and it prolongs the game to a boring slog, then it could be said it is a "bad" strategy in some nuance.

    Also, there is a reason why lot of people, if you are playing Terran vs Terran  just quit the game at the start. At least 15 to 20% of all my ladder games of TvT are instantly quitted by the other side when it is a TvT.

    People dont like playing the games because they can be long and drawn out based on a person's playstyle.  
    Amateurs using amateur tricks that won't work at pro level does not make them or their strategy bad. They're playing at their own skill level and they're allowed to do it.
    It is nuanced, hence why i said yes and no. Yes, the goal is to win, therefore no strategy is "bad" in a single instance of a game.

    No, some strategies which have a low chance of working, especially, at higher levels can be labeled as "bad". 

    There are easy counters and major pros and weakneases to certain styles, the pros have it figured it out for the most part. And no, because it makes it a boring slog. 

    So it is annoying to play against, with nuances and looking at things at different angles, you could say why i agree and disagree at the same time.
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