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green13green13 Member UncommonPosts: 1,341
Really, really, really, really sick of telling ESO that I don't want to buy Greymoor.

I tested it today for 2 hours straight across 3 accounts. Happened every single time. That's super annoying.


  • GrintchGrintch Member UncommonPosts: 132
    So, you have 3 free accounts?
  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 17,753
    edited June 2020
    Grintch said:
    So, you have 3 free accounts?
    No such thing as "free accounts" in ESO. It's B2P not F2P.

    Not only that but this OP has paid more than just the initial cost since he has access to Vvanderfell and 18 characters in one account. Those things cost extra.

    He's also right that they splash ads that need to be actively canceled much more than most other MMOs - even the ones that are F2P. Hell at one point when they first added the daily log-in splash ad screen the system was not even smart enough to show you the ad only if you didn't already own the latest chapter they were pushing. It was extra annoying, after all the other loading delays to have to deal with a splash ad for something you already owned. They even did it at first whenever you switched characters on the same account instead of once per day per account log-in. They not only abuse the in-game advertising, they do it incompetently.

    When you don't have the latest expansion in WOW they have an upgrade link on the side of your screen but nothing you need to cancel out of and they're competent enough to do it only if you don;t have it.

    As to multiple accounts in ESO, that has been a very common thing for many years since the base banking limits are ultra low relative to the mats and hundreds of 5-piece sets that drop like candy everywhere. Having a lot of mules is one way to cope with that if you don't want to sub.
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  • green13green13 Member UncommonPosts: 1,341
    Grintch said:
    So, you have 3 free accounts?

    I only play one of those accounts seriously - my second.

    Everything Iselin said was spot on.

    Additionally, ESO has a relatively low max character cap per account - 18. That may seem like a lot, but when they added necromancers (with last year's expansion) they only added 3 new slots in total.

    And for a long time after launch, it was 8. If you wanted extra characters you had to buy another account. That's why I bought no 2. Which eventually became my main one.

    And unlike other games, ESO has a crap tonne of character based grind. 6 months total of daily horse feeding to get max inventory and horse speed. About the same for trait research. Plus motifs, achievements, skyshards. The time and effort investment is enormous.

    Grinding to max level you can easily do in a day. But the rest is a horrifying, time grated grind. Deleting such characters is gut wrenching. Unthinkable.

    Quite a lot of my characters I never play and probably never will. But there's no chance of me deleting them.

    Then this year concurrent with Greymoor, they did a major rework of vampires. While you can play them with other classes, they are definitely more nightbladey.

    I only have 1 nightblade on my main account. And I don't really want to vamp him. That's why I bought the 3rd account.

    While accounts aren't free to play, they are periodically massively discounted.

    Base game for about $3 USD.

    I recently picked up base game + Morrowind / Summerset / Elsweyr for about $15.

    Iselin said:
    They not only abuse the in-game advertising, they do it incompetently.
    This one reeks of desperation.

    I watched the livestreams for the Elsweyr and Greymoor reveals.

    They didn't even come close to meeting the target number of viewers for Greymoor. Which wasn't unreasonable given how many viewers they had the previous year for Elsweyr.

    ZO is a company which doesn't understand their historic successes.

    Skyrim (the locale) is just a snowy place. People aren't mad for it.

    They are mad for the gameplay and freedom of character development in Skyrim (the single player game), which is absent from ESO. Moddability. etc. etc.

    Gameplay-wise Greymoor only adds antiquities, which really aren't very exciting.
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