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Okay, i heard that there was a place where your RO characters could get married.  My friend and I were arguing over it and i just wanted to set things straight!image Any comments would be great, thnkies ^^

~Your southern Belle~

~Your southern Belle~


  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722
    Still have yet to play RO so I dont know, not that it helps you at all, but oh well.

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  • -ONI--ONI- Member Posts: 8

    I haven't played ro sence the beta days but when I played and when people got married there was no real place.  just a party or guild or what ever would go some place i.e prontera church, alberta's ship or in the verry early days mids 4 where osiris could be killed by just one person. Then the aco. or priest would give there vows and huzzah there was a wedding and there was flowers and jellopys tossed on the ground.  There where rumors around that gravity was working on an offical thing in the church I don't know if they really did as I've said I haven't played sence beta and I have no clue what is now going on.

  • qkrwogudqkrwogud Member Posts: 31

    only rumors buddy.. only rumors.. >_>



  • AnomenAnomen Member Posts: 3
    yeh u can get married in iRO, you have to book a marriage, and then its held at port monk, n like ders 10 priests dat come down, and use angelus and other spells when da marriage comences.

  • qkrwogudqkrwogud Member Posts: 31

    Really? hmm..

    Wut happends after? Are there any advantages? does anything change?


  • Psycho_StefPsycho_Stef Member Posts: 24
    Wedding system isn't implented yet in iRO, comes is RO version 5 if I aint mistaking.

    The best place to get married is monks place, 1 north of pront, 3 east.Just invite friends and a priest and it is fun.Don't do it in Prontera or something, then hundreds of morons come and tell you are a geek etc etc and try everything to spoil it, db. etc. Some ppl are just so dull.

  • KirianKirian Member Posts: 2
    I don't have much to say about the whole marriage thing, but I agree with Gunblade that...Macs suck. =P

  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    Hard drives? image


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