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Little review - Anniversary update - Squid Island

ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189
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I thought i would just post a small description of the somewhat major update the devs made to the game today. Combined with the Anniversary Event, the devs released Squid Island:

We didn't know SI was ready already. Most of the players had been told to be patient, so SI arriving was a really pleasant surprise.

SI is an island with 3 forts on it. All players, even low level players, can join it and everyone gets levelled to the same level. I think equipment is also levelled to the same level. Ok i breifly played on SI, and it seems really fun. It is like the instances in GW2 or Return for Reckoning, but it is better, because there is no instancing. Everyone on the map can be in SI, or on the main big warzone. The island itself has a great many fun trees and little hills and structures to hide behind and rush your enemy. With roads and the forts, it is quite a dreamy place to have a mini pvp war.

Im really looking forward to even more fun on SI and in the game, and I think the devs have more plans for SI. Well done NGE!!

I've only played SI for like, 90 minutes, so.... i'm waiting to see how things develop.
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  • ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189
    edited May 2020
    I have played a bit more of the Squid Island. Here is more info.

    According to the changelog for v.1.27.0 of the game (see  screenshot from Discord), Squid Island ("SI") currently only allow you to log in for 1 hour out of every 2 hours. If you stay in the RvR mini pvp area for longer than an hour, your health staarts being slowly reduced  every second. I guess this is to encourage players to move into the main warzone. (edit: the changelog says it is measured on a second by second basis. so if you stay in Squid island for 1 second, then exit -- then you  have to stay in main wz for 2 seconds. if you reenter SI then, you will not have any hp drain).

    My guess is that this is only early days for how they will use SI. They might change how they use it over time (months and years).
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