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(Aradune) - Ashen Oath seeks members

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Ashen Oath Seeks Raiders for the New TLP, Aradune!
The Who:
Ashen Oath is an established raiding guild coming to the Aradune server. Comprised of both veteran and new players, AO has been created by veteran guild leaders to create an experience worthwhile to all members. Focusing on the working and family-centric player, we will successfully clear all content in each expansion while focusing on raid efficiency and solidarity within our own, and the Aradune, community.

The Details:

  • We are a raiding guild with a focus on growing and keeping quality, like-minded players.
    • No level requirement to join - come level up with us and become part of the community!
  • Official raids are every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST. One day will serve as an optional raiding day during the same time period, to be used at expansion launch and as needed for the success of the raid team. Unofficial raids usually happen on alternate nights (older content, epics kills, etc)
  • We use DKP to distribute loot
  • We use Discord for raids & groups

Because we are a community-centered raiding guild, our policies lend themselves to the benefit of that community. Some examples…

  1. Our DKP system is made with our membership in mind. We want everyone to have access to the gear they earn while still encouraging raid team growth.
  2. Only able to raid periodically and not two to three days a week? Don't worry, you'll still get loot! We use a modified DKP system that takes your total DKP and multiplies it by your attendance percentage to determine your maximum bid. Meaning, everyone can bid! While still rewarding those who serve as the consistent core of the team.
  3. Check out the Important Documents tab on our website for more details on our Policies and DKP system at AshenOath.com

Who/What Are We Looking For?

At this point most recruitment threads have created class lists and rated them Low to High. In reality, that is not an accurate portrayal of what we need. We need dedicated, intelligent, productive raiders with positive personalities, regardless of their class. There are lots of important roles involved in raiding that can be filled by ANY CLASS. We are recruiting all people that can fill those roles and contribute to the raid. That being said, if we have reached maximum capacity for a class, we will let you know.

Still Interested?

Check us out at AshenOath.com and feel free to talk to any of the leadership in Discord listed below:

Leader - Kaizo
Officer - Meeseeks
Officer - Menion
Officer - Hocus
Officer - Arthour
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