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Trying to play (reset password). . and can't. . thoughts?

AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,135
I see that this forum isn't that busy.  I found my charter edition in a closet and thought about trying out the official servers again.

I tried to reset my password and never got the confirmation email.  I changed email and tried again, nothing.  

I emailed support. . nothing.  Chances are I am spending more time on this then I am likely to actually play the game but I wondered if anyone has had this experience.  I remember trying to play one Christmas.  I friend subs every year for a month at Christmas.

I can't post on their forums because. . same username / password. . which seems like a terrible idea.

Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!


  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,135
    Bah turns out you don't need to confirm new password. . also maybe not good.

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

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