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Holy!! I take it back this game won' be carebear! READ READ

Quote Gaute Game Director for Age of Conan.

Ahhh, the deadly serious business of PvP! I have been reading the forums, and thinking. For quite some time now, actually. I have decided to take a step back on PvP, and open the design to more gamer input. I guess many of you have read the articles on RPG Vault and Gamespy and know quite a lot of our PvP Technology and choices. I will just repeat a couple of core principles:

1. PvP is becoming one of the, maybe the most, important feature of Age of Conan. It will be brutal, dark and mature - but also a balanced and fun experience.
2. PvP will always be a choice for you (but saying that, chosing server might also be a choice!)
3. There will be many types of PvP in Conan (team based, brawling, massive etc), hopefully something for everyone...
4. You shall be able to play Age of Conan totally without participating in PvP if you want.

Now to the meat of the deal. As I said, I am taking a step back on PvP, and opening up for making many different setups - if that is what you want. Within the framework of the above mentioned principles, there are almost endless possibilities within our current technology.

* On some servers we might have open PvP on a larger level range (right now, it is restricted within the 20 levels of the tier you belong to.)
* On some servers the PvE Resource Building Regions (where you build your Player Village) might be open for PvP some parts of the day.
* On some servers you can have spreading PvP everywhere (if you attack someone PvP enabled, you also become PvP enabled...)
* On other servers the whole world, except Cities and Holy Places (where you are resurrected post death) can be PvP enabled.
* You could theoretically get PvP on different times of day. (Night-time PvP)
* We could open the games for PvP events. (Hour of Blood!)
* You could have PvP for guild versus guilds or sides versus sides in many more areas. (The sides are mentioned in one of the articles.)
* We could open for item looting, coin looting, item locking (someone else loots a couple of your items, and can use them for 1 hour for instance, before you get them back), special PvP item looting etc.
* We could give PvE XP bonus in the areas with PvP if you want - to compansate.
* Since we base Conan on technology and knowledge based on more than 4 years of successful PvP, we have loads of options.
* All this will be fit into many different server setups!

Ok, why do I mention all this? Because I want to say: except for the principles above, I am a "careful pragmatic"! I will listen to your discussions, and make many different choices of servers if that is what you want. Funcom will keep a firm control (yes a tight control) on the finished result, to make sure they are all fun and balanced, but other than that - you decide.

Also, although it would be cool to have all the options in the world, we will get LOADS of problems communicating all the different setups to new players when they chose their server. Think about it, not "PvP" or "No PvP" but, "This feature list" vs "That Feature list". Thus we shall most likely end up with 3-4 different setups with clear "descriptive" names...

Saying that, I will let my good friends and colleagues handle the setup of the information collection (voting, discussions, threads and so on...). Also, I will take as long as is needed making this decision. It is vital it is as perfect as can be!


Gaute Godager
Game Director Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures


  • grove123grove123 Member Posts: 38
    as long as i dont have to worry about griefers pking low level guys, i dont se whats the problem with PVP is.
  • NeymozeNeymoze Member Posts: 9
    DAMN i want pvp like world of warcraft!!!!!! imageimageimage
  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130

    Originally posted by Neymoze
    DAMN i want pvp like world of warcraft!!!!!! imageimageimage

    ALA gank fest.. Did you ever read the post....It said that some servers will basicly do away with teh 20 lvl tier.... Which is World of GankCraft.. er World of Warcraft..


    Sounds to me that Fucom is out to make another Winner.. I just wish people would stop trying to impose there playstyle on others. I can hear the winning now, "all servers should be FFA loot everyting that dies"....

    You see, every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You spread to an area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.-Mr.Smith

  • sugarrushsugarrush Member Posts: 6

    Well in my opinion,
    the PvP of Ultima Online is the best style.
    My friends and I never ganked, but we did work hard, fast to powerlevel to the top.
    After that, if someone wanted to attack us and try to steal our stuff, that was their fault.
    We tore them apart.
    Much easier cause the community took care of problem gankers and that kinda thing.

  • WylinWylin Member Posts: 1

    If I am understanding right from everything I ready looks like you become the head of a village or something, and car is the correct RAISE Armies to fight for you and establish empires?

    If this the case I think alot of PvP will be restrained due to alliances and such, sure if you happen to be out wandering in the wilderness without escort you get what you deserve but the all out wars should have some restrained shown I think!


  • angerrangerr Member Posts: 865
    wow this is very good news, every time i read new information about this game the more i like it image


    read this then come back and talk to me about the vanguard/soe fiasco.....

  • skelzskelz Member Posts: 77

    IM sorry but I still fail to see how this is not carebear?

    Restrictions 20 levels pvp, carebear

    Restriction on times you can pvp, carebear

    People dont haev to participate in pvp at all, carebear

    Looting items and coins but only for 1 hour, carebear




  • rdrpappyrdrpappy Member Posts: 325

     Awwww, the real rub here is that it's adult only, 18 and over for the mature rating. no Jackson bait in this one, so half a you tots can move along and stop all the jibber jabber about cares and or bears.


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263

    Originally posted by Neymoze
    DAMN i want pvp like world of warcraft!!!!!! imageimageimage

    Stupid and annoying?  There's nothing like playing on a PvP server and not being able to level because they can kill anyone that's red and people love to gank.

    Oh yeah!  Just like WoW!  Pure garbage.

    What will he do next?
  • skelzskelz Member Posts: 77

    What they should do is open a dedicated server to griefers and hardcore pvpers.  This would 1) give all the pvpers who like to loot each other and grief do that and  2)take them off the other servers with the people who dont like that sort of thing.




  • DigableDDigableD Member Posts: 71

    Originally posted by Neymoze
    DAMN i want pvp like world of warcraft!!!!!! imageimageimage

    oh boy! you get to be ganked/griefed/tormented by a gnome 9 levels above you farming honor! that's what makes great pvp. Who remembers the original Felluca from UO? that was fun pvp ::::04::

  • JoePesciJoePesci Member Posts: 12

    I play on a WoW PvP Server, and yes you get ganked... but you still get lvl 60, its not that bad at all!

    Now, that i got lvl 60 there i get bored on PvP Servers because all epic equipped lvl 60 players are in instances... at least 80% of their time, the rest they stay in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. You wont find any other lvl 60 epic player to kill out there! You have to go to the battle grounds if you want that, and BGs are mass PvP what i dont like.

    Blizzard instanced the shit out of that game, wtf do instances do in a mmorpg? Why give the people so many opportunities to hide, tu run away from PvP or PK? After all its an MMORPG where you shouldnt hide from other players, and for those who dont want to be involved in PvP and PK all the time... well, there are PvE Servers.

    I like PvP and even more so PK, and also from the other point of view: it's boring to me to run through the landscape without having to fear that someone is attacking me any moment.

    WoW gets boring if Blizzard doesnt fix the Instance issues.

    And I hope that AoC will have some real PvP, or better said some servers where PK is possible, without any restrictions, at any time, at any level. Everything else is boring, to me. They should just make different server types, so anybody can go there where he thinks the right place for him is.

  • soulabductersoulabducter Member Posts: 10

    Originally posted by skelz

    IM sorry but I still fail to see how this is not carebear?
    Restrictions 20 levels pvp, carebear
    Restriction on times you can pvp, carebear
    People dont haev to participate in pvp at all, carebear
    Looting items and coins but only for 1 hour, carebear

    have u read the official forums... READ IT!

    theres going to be servers with different sorts of pvp freedom and Im sure they will have 1 servers with allmost no limits in it, FFA loot, pvp in all areas etc.  AoC will be the most anti carebear mmorpg out there, perhaps darklight will come close but thats it.


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