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ArcheAge Unchained 'Stay Home' Event Live Now



  • ShutaraShutara Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Shutara said:

    Shutara said:

    People really come here to shit on other's parade no matter what, lol.

    For those calling out this game being dead - sure, it has failed miserably to preserve majority of it's players, but You know what? Any game is dead for everyone once they stop playing at all. It is shittest logic ever imagined to call something 'dead' before it officially closes it's servers. It won't be dead even next year with current population ratings, and maybe even if it has only several thousand active players and it's poorly managed. Y'all should get your shit together, for real. Your trash-talking is the opposite of killing this game, because that's what most of You would love to see - a downfall of someone else's attempt of delivering a product that's not in your taste anymore.

    DMKano said:

    So Gamigo does a mass layoff last week and then tries to cover it up by pumping out other news.


    How about them layoffs though? Just gonna sweep that under the rug?

    Based on what, actually? There's literally 0 information about any layoffs within Gamigo on the Internet, aside from the fact they have been bought by MGI last month. If you have such news, why don't you come forward and pass them over, so someone sane can make a public post out of it?

    i cant comment on how the game is now.. but my issues with the game have more to do with principles than anything else.

    i quite enjoyed the game at one point, was very commited to it.

    then all the issues began with the exploits, the ptw and what not that made me take a break.

    what really bothered me though is that instead of addressing the problems, XL games basically said after all these years of milking players "ya you are right, we screwed up. we will sell you the game again done right (because we've got no more players to milk with the cash shop)".

    All the hate towards this game made me actually stop playing it after several hours after purchasing, and therefore not being able to refund. This is the aftermath of such shitfest in the mmo society; making people regret playing the game even before they learned whether they want to play it themselves. And it's unfair towards many people who otherwise might've enjoyed it, even in the slightest. No matter if it's BDO or Archeage, some people don't care about progressing the quickest and don't mind not being fully competitive. Of course it's good to remain objective with judging changes, but if I listened to the community back then, I wouldn't even touch BDO with a 2m stick, but I spent a year in this game, happily slashing through the mobs and enjoying beautiful scenery with trading here and there. Then I realised I wanted to be more competitive, got overloaded by p2w/lack of listening to feedback drama, pumped myself with negative attitude because of "lack of content I would like to see being implemented", and left for 2 years. Now I'm back happily enjoying the game again, for what it is. Hopefully I will find the strength to do the same with Archeage, and I wish everyone reminded himself the true meaning of playing games - having fun in Your own way. If You cannot find if anymore, it's the sign to move on to another. No game will remain the same over so many years. For some it's the best what could happen, for some - not exactly. But where You see a negative, it might be actually positive for someone else who enjoy how it turned out to be.

    I don't get how all the hate got you to quit playing the game. Did you play during Unchained or before that? Because if you played during Unchained people loved it for the first couple of weeks (except for a few bugs and server issues). I was one of those people. I was in one of the biggest guilds on my server, we had quite a bit of land and were having fun PvPing.

    Unfortunately you can see when the people started to leave, and it wasn't due to people talking crap about the game. It was due to extreme mismanagement from Gamigo or XL whoever does the coding on NA's end for the pass. They released a battle pass (or whatever they called it at the time) that was broken and allowed people to exploit it to get MASS amounts of gold which screwed the economy on the server. After that people kept saying oh Gamigo will fix it I'm sure and by the time they did fix it there were other exploits found that people started abusing.

    The economy in a PvP focused game is one of the most important aspects. If that gets messed up the game will have massive population problems. And the fact that Gamigo / XL just put their fingers in their ears and ignored the problem for too long really set it on a downward trend.

    "The hate" was just one of factors, really. Explained more clearly after this quote, so please refer to that as well. I unfortunately did it experienced Archeage in its glory days, and yes, I am now aware of crap management and some poor endgame goals it has to offer.
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