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Mount & Blade 2, anyone ?

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,512
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Opening statement:

Like all of us ever searching and can't latch onto a good mmorpg no matter how I try.  Anyway spent several days trying desperately to rehash my old nostalgia Dungeons & Dragons Online.  The games exactly like the 2004 version for low levels, nothing changed,  yet the HEAVY HANDED CASH SHOP IS TOTALLY INTRUSIVE.  I'm giving up on all mmorpgs for now.

Moving on:

Mount & Blade 2 just popped up on Steam $44.99 (downloading now). 

In my 3 hours research:

It appears it would appeal to Civ 5 players yet complete "detailed action combat" MUCH like Kingdom Come Deliverance yet without the over the top details that would fall short in bugs and fun.  It's like two games in one, Civ 5 and KKD. 

What really impresses me is  fully customizable army following you.  You have choices to back off and let them battle for you, play cautious or lead in fighting.  How could you not like that control  ;) …… Best yet plays completely natural (from my impressions of game plays). 

If interested, I recommend watching this guys tutorial explanation (best I can find).  This ESO guy is my favorite, it's worth 35 minuets beyond what the game will give you.  

* game play narrative below the video (will be updating) *

Game play:

Unlike the video,  i'll be spending hours in the combat training area (he is already good, I'm not)...... It's very entrenching.  Every style of  weapon is totally unique in its attack, blocks, speeds, over draws and so on.  Then you get into doing the same with mounts......I'll be spending hours here, because I want to be an expert in using random field weapons I'll be acquiring....... Very impressive like no other game !...... Advanced weapon where you have to fight a commoner then an advanced guy.  They hit hard.  You have a damage meter they don't, you can only tell his by his reactions when you hit.... enough times they will go down.......I'm assuming after the totorial you have to take note of their armor class for how many times you knock them back vs. their armor...... WoW ! 

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,829
    Nah saw Del playing of AJS and i think it was a sponsored game,it doesn't look good at all.
    I don't even foresee another game i want to play right now as game development has changed a lot ,into cash shop gaming and shallow game play.
    Just toss in some loot/lights and seems to keep gamer's happy,not me i actually need a game.
    So i'll keep playing FFXI and some older games ,some Atlas.

    When a developer actually looks serious about making a game,i'll take notice but hasn't happened in some time.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • hoenens1hoenens1 Member UncommonPosts: 111
    Nope, looks like a game made in 2010 or something haha. Not gonna pay so much for a game looking so bad like this one.
  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,512
    edited April 1
    Several hours later....... I'm loving it!
    I'm getting my ass kicked SO BAD even at lowest difficulty.  At the risk of reputation, I suck at my horse in large circle riding and precision swings, yet without it everything is way faster than you on foot  :o

    The larger reach lance sounds like it would be more protective with the distance gap but the precision of hit in amazingly high as a off take.  

    Maybe long bows ?... they worked will in the training, that's next. 

    The guy in the video, is much better than meets the eye..... Everything is NASTY.

    -So far bug free.
    -Excellent performance and percussion.   
    -Walking in mud that really works well !
    -Excellent graphs but default is heavy undesired blur and water colors...... Must be turned off !
    -God awful interface control and menus. 

    I love it !!!!

    I'm playing slowly...... this afternoon, could be devastating news for my health.  Crunch time is upon me.   
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  • Vermillion_RaventhalVermillion_Raventhal Member EpicPosts: 4,099
    I have hundreds of hours in the old two. It's like crack.  Mods are awesome. The graphics aren't going to be top of the line because it's about large scale battles. If you like medieval warfare, territorial conquest, troop managment it's great.  Hell, you can even go solo or just a band of named characters or be a merc for a lord or become lord or form a kingdom.
  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,514
    waiting for steam sale. LOL
    Make PvE GREAT Again!
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246
    edited April 1
    The hideouts are a lot harder to clear in one go since sometimes you are clearing 50 bandits with your small group. It took me a while to learn you can kill off like 20 of them, then retreat and repeat it a night later, but I think you lose troops when you do this.
    Leveling some things like Leadership is much more difficult.
  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 14,391
    edited April 1
    Tokken said:
    waiting for steam sale. LOL
    It actually is on sale for the next couple of weeks. 10% off and an extra 10% if you have any of the previous ones... which I picked up a few years ago for a couple of bucks. I haven't gone for it yet but I'm awfully tempted. 

    I've watched 3 or 4 videos by the same youtuber @delete5230 linked who makes a lot of the same character creation choices I would make so that makes his videos extra interesting to me.
    “Microtransactions? In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?” 

    "... the "influencers" which is the tech name we call sell outs now..."
    __ Wizardry, 2020
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 4,252
  • RelampagoRelampago Member UncommonPosts: 391
    I love it...but no Multiplayer Campaign makes me a sad panda.  Will still play the heck out of it.
  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,038
    edited April 1
    Meh. Not mmo related. But most posts here arent anymore.
  • WBadgerWBadger Member UncommonPosts: 334
    Cleffy said:
    The hideouts are a lot harder to clear in one go since sometimes you are clearing 50 bandits with your small group. It took me a while to learn you can kill off like 20 of them, then retreat and repeat it a night later, but I think you lose troops when you do this.
    Leveling some things like Leadership is much more difficult.
    You only lose the troops if they get killed in the mission.  Easiest way to deal with those large hideouts is bring a good bow, and then bring some elite ranged units (since the giant hideout numbers don't appear until a good amount of time is gone.)  I typically went in with six horse raiders/hardened brigands and was able to clean out a solid ten-fifteen a night before I started to take some losses, so as long as you're clearing out more then can recover in a night, then you should be fine.  (That's also the real perk of bringing ranged units.  They don't wound, they just kill; which is what you want for hideouts.)
  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 3,815
    Waiting a couple patches and updates to smooth the gameplay experience then I'll jump in...

    Too many games in my plate at the moment, but excited to start the harvest soon.
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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246
    edited April 2
    I have a mix of units and for some reason I can never pick who I want to go in with me into the hideouts. Sometimes I got my heavy archers and a couple heavy infantry. Sometimes I got Imperial Peasants. Doesn't seem to matter the order I put them into. They haven't added making your own hideouts yet. I also switched to realistic everything. 1 to 1 isn't always guaranteed. 

    There are a few skills I find hard to level. Leadership, Scouting, Surgeon, Engineering, and Smithing(More so due to the limit per time period). Even when you meet the conditions their accumulation is slow/non-existent.

    As for mounted combat. It's easy with a Lance you can couch. When you get a fast enough speed you can hit 'x' to switch weapon mode to couch. Then when you almost run into an enemy it whacks them for like 300 damage if they don't have a pike.

    I like the minor factions they added. They are good to farm when you are too tough for Looters and too weak for Battania. 
  • IsilithTehrothIsilithTehroth Member UncommonPosts: 566
    Its a bit disappointing so far. I actually think Conqueror's blade is better at the moment. Bannerlord needs to have a mode where you can choose your build with stat points and gear and have a unit tree to get better tiers with a skill tree unlock for them. Conq's blade does this very well and is immensely fun, but it doesnt have the player vs player skill element like M&B and the persistent world is alright, but could be better.


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