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Took a chance on Anthem

RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,969
So a couple of weeks ago Humble had a special on Anthem. Combined with my Choice discount, it was about $8.50

I've heard BW may try to resurrect this title, so figured I'd throw $8 at it now, see if that doesn't land me anything on a possible reboot, and play through the story. Here's my experience

It really taxes my computer. Looks good on even low settings though, but took me a bit of playing with the graphics settings to get to a point where I wasn't seeing big framerate dips during heavy action. Not too surprising I suppose, my machine is getting a bit long in the tooth.

About every third time I start the game, it gets stuck on "Connecting to Online Services", and I have to Alt-F4 out to restart. Sometimes the game will start in the wrong video mode (windowed vs full screen, or 1080 vs 4K). I get a full on game crash about every three hours. Sometimes the quests get a bit out of sequence, and the NPCs to talk to will flicker in and out. Or UI elements will get stuck and overlap when you move to another screen. These are just small bugs, but this game is riddled with them and it's disappointing to see so many that I would commonly associate with a newly-released game still around after 1 year.

The main story line is short. Really short. And there aren't all that many side quests. It took me maybe... 10-15 hours? Playing very casually.

You can tell there aren't many people playing. Every mission starts off searching for other players, and 4 times out of 5, you just sit there searching for about 2 minutes before it finally just dumps you into the mission solo. But I haven't found any normal missions that can't be done solo.

I haven't tried any of the Strongholds yet. Freeplay instances are fairly lonely, usually one or two other people on the map, but everyone kinda doing their own thing.

So, is it worth even $8? I would say yes. It's still full of quirky bugs. It looks good, and it makes for a fun Iron Man simulator. But there is no deep well of content. Maybe if they successfully reboot (I'm not holding my breath on it), I will get into the reboot, and that will make $8 seem like a bargain. Or maybe it will change over to a cash shop experience, and like the $9 I spent on BDO, be almost completely wasted after I run through the main story.

it isn't a bad game. It just doesn't meet the typical Bioware high level of expectation. Or, then again, since this was hot on the heels of Andromeda, maybe it does exactly meet the expectation of the new Bioware and that's part of the problem.


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