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New Cycle starting this Saturday!

Chris1974Chris1974 Member UncommonPosts: 4
More TechPoints, DualTeching, new Auto-rebuild feature, New possibilities, New Challenges...
Join now, the game starts Saturday 12:00 UTC. 



  • ShihuangdaiShihuangdai Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    I discovered this gamed a year ago and have been playing it since. A good balance between "thinking" and "action" as there should be in any strategy game. The different techs, missions, research and TechPoints make it a game for every preference or strategy you'd like.
    The community is very nice & welcoming, developpers are around and listen to the players. There is no pay2win at all, which is a rare wonder these days (but also makes it hard to stay alive for the developpers themselves).
    No need to be online all day, every day at all to enjoy the game, but if you like that, there is plenty to do.
    Just come over, build your fleets and planets and meet me in a historic batlle somewhere in a galaxy far away :-)
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