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Wireless mic PC Xbox One

AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 634
I am looking for a good wireless mic that will work for my xbox and pc. I have a logitech corded one for my pc I am just tired of the cord. I dont have anything for my xbox I have always just used the terrible mic that came with it but looking for an upgrade. Any suggestions 200 or under?


  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,061
    I have a Corsair HS70. It is wireless via a USB dongle (not bluetooth), and supports PC and PS4 fully, but only supports audio on XB (no voice/mic, supposedly - I've not tried it).

    My son has the HS50, which is the wired 3.5mm version - they would plug into the controller though, and support voice/mic, making them psuedo-wireless.

    That being said, I don't really recommend them. I do not use them very often, I don't find them particularly comfortable, and in just a handful of hours use I've burned through one detachable mic already (was replaced no issues via warranty, but still). Sound quality is average.

    Not really a glowing review, but thought I would throw in my 2c if for no other reason than to give a real review of something that may not work for you.
  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 634
    thanks for the info
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