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Initial thoughts on release?

angerbeaverangerbeaver Member UncommonPosts: 1,087
I have enjoyed it so far. Been through the beginning 3 times now trying to finish Act I without dying for the achievement. 

1 character is offline for practice, I accidentally let 1 guy in online die, and now i am on the new character. 

Still enjoying it though. This game was the first one I have been part of an Alpha and wow, the difference between then and now is insane lol


  • IlayaIlaya Member UncommonPosts: 652
    I like it a LOT!
    It has a nice Skill System, the Wheel is nice with many Options to try, the GFX are Top Notch, the Sound is rly good and fits the Game, the Story is rly good, Crafting is good after City is Build up.....what to Rocks!

    Sure, as every Game, especially from a small Team, it has his Bugs, but i've seen worse than that. I'm rly enjoying this, be it single or Multiplayer. Fully worth the Money!!
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