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There is a WoW Vanilla+ server in works and it looks great

So I just found out someone is making this server which basicly makes vanilla wow more difficult while at the same time changes how some of the classes work. They are changing the skill trees to make more specs viable. My only complaint is that I hate PvP servers, but I will be excited for this. I have played enough Vanilla/Classic that I am ready for a nre challenge.

Here is a video posted
Here is what they posted on reddit:

We are a small team of big WoW fans.

We think that Vanilla is the best game version, but it contains some huge flaws:

- EZ PvE

- Everything is already known and min-maxed

- Class/Spec discrimination

- Lots of scrapped content.

We are going to fix all these flaws of Vanilla WoW in our Vanilla Plus server (post-Naxx, Classic+, 1.14 or how you wanna call it).

- We aimed to revive not Vanilla experience, but Vanilla Spirit!

- Everything is working on default 1.12.1 client up to Naxx. Naxx+ will require our patch3.mpq

- Tuned (to make harder ofc) Raids and some Dungeons - no more facerolled speedruns (at least we will be greatly surprised if someone will be able to do them)

- Karazhan, Hyjal, Azshara Crater, Emerald Dream, re-worked Outland and Northrend, balance updates(tuned talents and some spells), new Dungeons (reworked SM with merged 4wings into 1, Jaedenar, Karazhan Crypts) and much more.

- Various BG exploits fixed

- World PvP tuned (various updates to encourage more players to it). example: increased reward for slaying Faction Leaders (If you're so smart to farm them nonstop I'll gonna grieve you - there is mechanic, that prevents from reskill every spawn :-P )

- Smart timeline

- A mysterious and unknown World like it was back to 2005/2006.

- And much much more - we don't wanna to post yet, because you should be surprised. We work hard to make it looks as much "blizzlike" as possible. ("blizzlike" means blizz styled for us)

AGAIN: USING 1.12.1 GAME CLIENT! Not wotlk!


  • vtravivtravi Member UncommonPosts: 387
    They also say it should release in 2020..
  • UtinniUtinni Member EpicPosts: 2,046
    So a custom modded WoW server. A quick google search you'll find plenty just like this.
  • WBadgerWBadger Member UncommonPosts: 334
    We should be well past believing in release dates that people with no prior release history (Mods included) will actually be adhered to.  If it does release in 2020, it'll be a horrid mess.

    (Also like every other private server, this one will always be at risk as well.  Especially since the excuse of "There's no other way to play vanilla WoW," isn't valid anymore.)
  • vtravivtravi Member UncommonPosts: 387
    Utinni said:
    So a custom modded WoW server. A quick google search you'll find plenty just like this.
    No, there is nothing close to this. This will have new dungeons, new skill trees, buffed raids. Different questing... 
  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
    Illigal cough cough

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,121
    edited October 2020
    Yeah the ONLY time I consider private servers legal is if they make NO MONEY and are simply offering the purchaser a different place to play the game.

    I also want to point out that this so called "license" to use is total BS,that doesn't fly anywhere in the world unless there is the governemnt is involved like vehicle licenses or lawyers license.

    When we buy a product,that is it,WE OWN it,bs to your legal terms that nobody has a say in because the government is too stupid to see the problem with it.

    I know a few people in the  past said things like "how do you know how much money it costs to run the servers?".Well I have played on completely free private servers that operate FREE no money asked ever.I am however willing to listen to any studio who considered a LOSS or break even in hopes to recoup through subscriptions.

    Bottom line for me,you bought the game of Wow and any expansion,you have the right to play it as long as you don't disrupt anyone else's game play.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • Jamar870Jamar870 Member UncommonPosts: 508
    Yeah, it will be how long after it's up that legal letters from Activision will start coming their way.
  • BrennyssBrennyss Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited November 2020
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